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Homemade Pesto Sauce

Enjoy the incredible health benefits of basil leaves in this pesto sauce recipe! Making Time 10 minutes Yields 3-4 servings (8 - 10 tablespoons) Ingredients 2 cups of fresh basil leaves ¼ cup of pine nuts ¼ cup grated parmesan cheese ¼ cup of extra virgin olive oil 1-2 tbsp of water 1 ½ tbsp of lemon juice pinch of black pepper pinch of sea salt Directions: In a food processor...

Back To Beginnings Chickpeas Nutmeg

Crunchy Roasted Nutmeg Chickpeas

Cooking Time 1 hour Yields 4 Servings Ingredients 2 cup chickpeas (cooked and dried) 4-5 tsp maple syrup or raw honey 3-4 tsp extra virgin olive oil 1 tsp nutmeg powder ½ - 1 tsp cinnamon powder ¼ - ½ black pepper ¼ - ½ cayenne pepper ¼ - ½ sea salt (optional) Directions: In a bowl mix the olive oil into the chickpeas. In a 175°C/350°F preheated oven place...

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Homemade Tahini

Tahini is a popular sauce used in middle eastern cuisine. Here is an easy homemade recipe. Enjoy the powerful nutrition benefits of sesame seeds with your family with this easy recipe! Making Time 10 minutes Yields About 1 cup Ingredients 2 cups of white sesame seeds (hulled) 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil ¼ tsp Himalayan or sea salt (optional) Directions: Toast the sesame seeds over low heat in a saucepan,...

Back To Beginnings Cinnamon Turmeric Hot Drink

Hot Cacao Cinnamon Turmeric Immune-Boosting Drink

An easy to make immune-boosting hot drink which you can enjoy and benefit your health too! Yields 1 Serving Making Time Few minutes Ingredients 1 cup of hot water ½ cup of unsweetened almond, or cashew or soy, or coconut milk 1 tbsp cacao powder ½ tbsp sunflower seed, almond, or cashew, peanut or coconut butter ½ tsp maple syrup or raw honey ¼ tsp turmeric powder ¼ tsp cinnamon...

Back To Beginnings Charcoal Drink

Activated Charcoal Lime Detox Drink

Activated charcoal is a natural substance that traps toxins and chemicals in the body, and flushes them out so that the body is unable to resorb them. The natural form is often made from coconut shells, wood, or peat which is decomposed vegetable matter. It's a natural way to use it once in a while for cleansing the body from trapped toxins and chemicals.  It...