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“I consider it my good fortune to have met Anil Grover Ji. A highly sincere and committed professional, he is also an exceptionally fine, patient, and warm person. Through him, I got introduced to the world of Functional Medicine which holds hope for human health. As opposed to current medical practice which is focused on fixing diseases, Functional Medicine is integrative and holistic. It goes into the root cause of the health issue. I feel blessed that I & my family have now access to Functional Medicine for detailed diagnostics and healing health issues through nutritional & lifestyle diseases.”

Gautam Vivek, Diabesity & Anti-aging Coach - Delhi, India

“Actually, I don’t have enough words to thank you. As for the last few years, you are so helpful to me at every step to keep me fit. Whenever I have any health problem without giving a second thought, I called you and ask for your advice. Your coaching for good health is really very useful in life at my age of 72 years.”

Ranee Narula - Bangkok, Thailand

“At the age of 82, my knees gave me lots of pain, and I was advised surgery. However, from your health coaching, I first changed my diet, skipped my night meals, and started physiotherapy. Over the last two years, my weight normalized from 96 kgs to 73 kgs. Now I feel very light, energetic, and have no knee pains. I did not need any surgery, and my doctors are happy with my health also.”

KLG - Siliguri, India

“I was suffering from Ankylosing Spondylitis for the last one year. None of the medicines was giving me relief from the pain till I met Anil. He prescribed me a few health supplements and guided me regarding the correct food I needed. Within 3 months of religiously following him, I achieved tremendous results. I had never felt so relaxed and energetic. Under his expert guidance and skillful coaching, I realized that a correct diet and a disciplined lifestyle are the core of healthy living. I highly recommend Anil as a health coach.”

Monika G - Siliguri, India

“My main goal upon starting the programme with Anil was to reduce body weight and increase energy level. Anil guided me to bring about some basic changes in my diet and meal timings. I could bring about these changes very easily and achieved my desired result within 3 months. Within two weeks my energy levels increased which gave a boost to my confidence and positivity. I always felt like “ready to go”. In the very first week I shed 1 kg and 10 Kgs in 5 months. Anil was a good listener hence he understood exactly the changes I needed to implement. That was the secret to my success. The natural program has no side effects, it is Just to change one’s life style and food habits. One can adapt it at once own desired pace, for me it was a great confidence boost too. Now I am ready to challenge any shortcomings in my physical or mental health. I would recommend Anil to all so that millions can benefit.”

Aparajita Goswami - Bangkok, Thailand

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    AFMC Certified Health Practitioner through The School of Applied Functional Medicine, Massachusetts.