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“It was a matter of great pleasure to have met you. it gives me great pleasure to state that I am doing fine and have recovered from my illness. I am attending my office regularly and managing my family properly. Your advice and dietary suggestions have helped me immensely. I sincerely thank you for all the help you provided me during my illness and difficult time.”


“Dear Anil, With your medicine & your advise I am much better. My constipation, stomach and acidity is much better. Combination of pure coconut oil and tea leaf oil also helped me a lot. For the last one month I am not having any medicine. I sincerely thank you for the care you had taken and also the advise you had given me several times. I once again thank you.”


“My main goal upon starting this program was to improve my immunity so that I don’t catch viruses and I wanted to gain weight. Mr. Anil helped me with this problem by making changes to my diet and giving me supplements. The changes I made to my diet really helped me achieve my goals and know I feel much more healthy and I am gaining weight. Mr. Anil is a very good listener and understands what changes need to be made. The good thing about joining this program was that the supplements are all natural and there are no side effects to it.”

Gargi Manek

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    Anil Grover

    AFMC Certified Health Practitioner through The School of Applied Functional Medicine, Massachusetts.