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“Thank you so much Dear Preeti and Anil ji for guiding me through the leaky Gut and acidity issues that I was facing. I had a chronic Acidity issue that had me suffer with severe headaches and vomits leaving me completely exhausted and drained after each such attack. Anil ji 's diagnosis and guidance had me change my food habits and I have benefitted immensely thereon! Their constant support and and answering all my queries throughout this time has brought in this result that my acidity attacks have reduced to nil and I am enjoying a healthier life style. Thanks again for bringing this change and for constant follow up that keeps inspiring me to keep up and keep going in my life choice to stay healthy!"

Nidhi Jhawar - Bangkok, Thailand

#1. Saberi Dasgupta - "Thank you so much Preeti and Anil sir for your 'micro information' which are as beneficial as micro nutrients, for a small example, I would have alsi powder in atta or in smoothies but including it early morning was simply best. My husband has a serious health problem for which this remedy was helpful. Preeti thank you so much for your efforts and concern for our situation in life ,god bless you girl". #2. Sonu C - "Being disciplined when you are accountable is much easier... This program not only helped me kickstart my weight loss journey but I managed to control my caffeine intake .. I was addicted to 5 to 6 cups of tea a day. I feel lighter and less irritated now. thanks to this program".

14 Days Cleanse Group Program, India -July 2022 - Participant Testimonials 1

#3 Aashni - "Thank you so much for introducing us to the concept of cleansing and of course giving us this platform to experience the same. I really appreciate the constant support and guidance in terms of sharing knowledge, recipes and of course the motivation. Initially, i was surely apprehensive to quit coffee but in 2 day's time, it seemed normal. I did try to follow the meal plan, at least 80%, also encouraged myself to increase the intake of veggies. Since i am used to eating small meals every few hours, i tried to incorporate different veggies, even as snacks. Hoping to continue with a few components of the program in day to day routine and switch to a complete cleanse at least once in a few months". #4 Sangeetha Jotwani - "Even though I was not able to begin with the group and did not follow it to the T, I switched the morning toast n tea for oats with Oatmilk, smaller meals n no caffeine n lots of veggies..I managed to loose 2kgs and feel much lighter n more energetic. Thankyou soo much Preeti n Anil."

14 Days Cleanse Group Program, India -July 2022 - Participant Testimonials 2

#5. Pooja Anand – “Thank You very much for this program and introducing us to cleanse and always being there to guide us… initially, I was also a bit worried how will I manage without coffee, though I use to have only 2 cups a day but now I feel no urge at all. This program also made me feel very light, energetic, and agile. Skin also felt very healthy and glowing I want to practice this as a way of eating always going forward salads and veggies and soups. All the videos shared were also very helpful. Thank You once again.” #6. Ramya Balaji – “I first want to thank Anil sir and Preeti for introducing me to the cleanse /detox program..I joined cleanse for my son as he had some medical issues and has gone through lot of medications. Though I couldn't convince him to follow everything i could include some healthy habits and food in his diet. Veggies like broccoli, parsley,lettuce and even oats(rolled) are not available in my town, thanks to Preeti, she gave alternates for all these and also introduced some new alternates for milk such as almond milk, coconut milk etc., thank you once again, dear”

14 Days Cleanse Group Program, India -July 2022 - Participant Testimonials 3

#7. Mehak Setia – “Thank you so much preeti mam and anil sir for guiding me so nicely. I started the course on 6th and today was my last day. Earlier i was trying very hard to reduce my pregnancy weight but it was stuck at a point. But with your diet my weight has started coming down and i am very happy for that. The best part is that i have started liking fruits and vegatables more. I am feeling the food which i was eating during the course was very good and tasty as well. I feel like making it my routine to have such food. Also I am very grateful to preeti mam for keeping a regular follow with me during the course . Thank you so much for bringing this change”. #8. SW – “I have lost 6kgs and feel proud of going through the 2 week cleanse program with discipline. Anil and Preeti's videos inspired me to go through the drill. I didn't find it difficult because Preeti made sure she replaced dishes in my diet with closely matching healthy options which did not allow me to miss or crave my usual foods. I was under the opinion that I might feel hungry as cleanse felt like diet program initially but I was pleasantly surprised that we can eat everything with minor subtractions and additions to the daily diet making one eventually feel proud and cleansed”.

14 Days Cleanse Group Program, India -July 2022 - Participant Testimonials 4

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