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Client Testimonials

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A few words of support from clients from around the world.

“I consider it my good fortune to have met Anil Grover Ji. A highly sincere and committed professional, he is also an exceptionally fine, patient, and warm person. Through him, I got introduced to the world of Functional Medicine which holds hope for human health. As opposed to current medical practice which is focused on fixing diseases, Functional Medicine is integrative and holistic. It goes into the root cause of the health issue. I feel blessed that I & my family have now access to Functional Medicine for detailed diagnostics and healing health issues through nutritional & lifestyle diseases.”

Gautam Vivek, Diabesity & Anti-aging Coach - Delhi, India

“Actually, I don’t have enough words to thank you. As for the last few years, you are so helpful to me at every step to keep me fit. Whenever I have any health problem without giving a second thought, I called you and ask for your advice. Your coaching for good health is really very useful in life at my age of 72 years.”

Ranee Narula - Bangkok, Thailand

“At the age of 82, my knees gave me lots of pain, and I was advised surgery. However, from your health coaching, I first changed my diet, skipped my night meals, and started physiotherapy. Over the last two years, my weight normalized from 96 kgs to 73 kgs. Now I feel very light, energetic, and have no knee pains. I did not need any surgery, and my doctors are happy with my health also.”

KLG - Siliguri, India

“I was suffering from Ankylosing Spondylitis for the last one year. None of the medicines was giving me relief from the pain till I met Anil. He prescribed me a few health supplements and guided me regarding the correct food I needed. Within 3 months of religiously following him, I achieved tremendous results. I had never felt so relaxed and energetic. Under his expert guidance and skillful coaching, I realized that a correct diet and a disciplined lifestyle are the core of healthy living. I highly recommend Anil as a health coach.”

Monika G - Siliguri, India

“My main goal upon starting the programme with Anil was to reduce body weight and increase energy level. Anil guided me to bring about some basic changes in my diet and meal timings. I could bring about these changes very easily and achieved my desired result within 3 months. Within two weeks my energy levels increased which gave a boost to my confidence and positivity. I always felt like “ready to go”. In the very first week I shed 1 kg and 10 Kgs in 5 months. Anil was a good listener hence he understood exactly the changes I needed to implement. That was the secret to my success. The natural program has no side effects, it is Just to change one’s life style and food habits. One can adapt it at once own desired pace, for me it was a great confidence boost too. Now I am ready to challenge any shortcomings in my physical or mental health. I would recommend Anil to all so that millions can benefit.”

Aparajita Goswami - Bangkok, Thailand

“My main goal on starting the program was to get rid of my chronic pains, bloating, acidity and obesity. Anil helped me attain my goals by diet changes and recommending vitamins, mineral and herbs. His constant support brought about an unexpected endless number of changes in me. I am now free of medications, I sleep well, am energetic now, teeth plague has reduced, skin looks and feels healthier, no more bloating and acidity, pains reduced by 80%. My coach is a dedicated and a perfect person. He fills the vital gap between patients and doctors. I thank him and will recommend him to my friends and family.”

Manju - Siliguri, India

“It was a matter of great pleasure to have met you. it gives me great pleasure to state that I am doing fine and have recovered from my illness. I am attending my office regularly and managing my family properly. Your advice and dietary suggestions have helped me immensely. I sincerely thank you for all the help you provided me during my illness and difficult time.”

Piyush - Banaras India

“My main goal upon starting the program was “to maintain my weight and take care of my bloating and gas issues. My Coach was able to help me work on these goals by first knowing all about my past and present eating habits and emotional state of being. The biggest visible change I have seen since the beginning of the program has been that my bloating has dramatically reduced and gas is not causing pain anymore. The most invisible overall change I have seen is that my concentration has increased during my meditations because I am not at discomfort while sitting in my evening meditation. I would describe my coach as “The Divine Healer – an answer to your questions” and I am already recommending my coach to all my near dear ones.”

Neelu Dey - Bangkok, Thailand

“Went to Anil for guidance on how to manage my PCOS naturally. I had never got my periods regularly since the beginning and doctors had put me on birth control pills. After years on the pill, when I stopped I found that my hormones were completely out of balance and I was not getting my periods. In addition to that I was putting on weight despite exercising and feeling tired and bloated all the time. Doctors diagnosed me with PCOS. Anil suggested dietary changes, supplements and herbs. They have all tremendously helped me. I finally got my periods, lost some weight, have no more bloating, hardly fall sick anymore and feel more energized. Anil is a very confident and positive person, so I felt very comfortable and at ease being coached by him. I would like to thank him and highly recommend him to anyone who is willing to follow a natural path for healing and general well being.”

Indra (CC) - Bangkok, Thailand

“Dear Anil, With your medicine & your advise I am much better. My constipation, stomach and acidity is much better. Combination of pure coconut oil and tea leaf oil also helped me a lot. For the last one month I am not having any medicine. I sincerely thank you for the care you had taken and also the advise you had given me several times. I once again thank you.”

AKC - Kolkata, India

“Hi, I am Deepali 41 years old, mother of 2 and a working professional. I underwent the health coaching program with Mr. Anil Grover. Before starting the program I had been struggling with my weight inspite of following healthy diet and exercise. I had never been thin but since a couple of years the weight rise was worrisome. Though I didn't feel particularly weak but I felt hunger cravings very frequently again and again. Mr. Anil's method of coaching is that he doesn't force any change upon you but patiently explains the harmful effects of wrongful eating in the long run which motivates an individual to make changes at their own pace. He also suggests many interesting healthy recipes which can be incorporated in our daily meals. I took one step at a time and 3 months into the program, not only have I been able to achieve a weight loss that I had never believed can happen, the energy levels feel amazing. I am feeling at the top of the world. My fitness trainer was surprised to see the new strength and stamina in me and mentioned that I am able to do exercises which earlier I was unable to. My eating habits have become much healthier than before without any feeling of hunger or starvation. The cravings have come down and I am able to sustain with fewer meals in a day with more energy. The minor stress related aches and pains have vanished. My biggest achievement was that I was able to give up my coffee addiction which seemed impossible for me. I am determined to continue in this journey and would recommend my coach to all family and friends for taking up a healthy lifestyle. Can't thank Mr. Anil enough for helping me.”

Deepali K. - Bangkok, Thailand

“Better health & Energy. I am 36 years old, I have always had a very active lifestyle that has increased the need for proper nutrition in order to take care of my body. But my eating habits were a total disaster. My meals were not balanced until I went to see Anil Sir so he could help me in terms of eating properly and maybe guide me for a healthy lifestyle. I am so pleased to share, I am very happy with the changes I made in my lifestyle guided by Anil Sir. I always felt weak, tired, fatigue, migraine and all this was affecting my personal life. Anil Sir guided me exactly what is eating right means? As I am a vegetarian I always thought I am following a good eating pattern but that was not so true. Sessions with Anil Sir were eye opener for me. I learned how to loose your body fats not the body weight. How much water does our body needs and what actual balanced diet means. I have totally stopped processed food and junk. I feel so light and happy. No migraines from last two months. I am very happy with the changes I have experienced in my life in such a short period of time. I always looked forward to our next sessions as we followed up on previous personal goals and set new ones. Anil sir always offers advice, recipes, tips and tricks. I have never felt better like this before . Huge thanks to Anil sir.”

Nidhi - Bangkok, Thailand

“My main goal upon starting this program was to improve my immunity so that I don’t catch viruses and I wanted to gain weight. Mr. Anil helped me with this problem by making changes to my diet and giving me supplements. The changes I made to my diet really helped me achieve my goals and know I feel much more healthy and I am gaining weight. Mr. Anil is a very good listener and understands what changes need to be made. The good thing about joining this program was that the supplements are all natural and there are no side effects to it.”

Gargi Manek , Canada

“I am so grateful that I met Anil. I have suffered from irregular menstruation and other hormonal imbalance symptoms since childhood. Doctors told me not to worry and prescribed birth control pills which helped to induce regular menstruation. As years went by and I found I was still not menstruating naturally I started to worry. I went back to the doctors and this time got diagnosed with PCOS, but once again I was told not to worry and continue the pills until I was ready to have a baby - then they would look into the matter in more detail. I was not happy with this. I wanted to find a way to fix the root cause. Anil was able to guide me to achieve this. Today I'm not on the pill anymore but have managed to regulate my menstrual cycle by making changes to the way I eat and taking natural supplements. This would never have been possible without the great and detailed guidance I received from Anil. Overall I feel much more fitter and energized than I ever was. Thanks,”

Sally - Birmingham, Great Britain

“I recently developed sleeping problems – as tired as I would be I was not able to fall asleep. I would be in bed before 10PM and then lay awake until midnight, one or even two AM. Needless to say, I would get up tired and grumpy the next morning. Anil recommended some sleep hygiene habits which my husband and I have been following - no TV in bed, avoid looking at phone/iPad screens before bed, engage in relaxing activities like reading and gentle breathing/stretching. What helped the most though, in my opinion, are the supplements he recommended. He suggested a combination of melatonin, 5-htp, magnesium, GABA and Glutamine. I take these about an hour before bedtime and have absolutely NO trouble falling asleep. It feels great to get up and go to work feeling well-rested! And an added bonus of taking magnesium: significantly reduced menstrual cramps!”

ANGIE - Minneapolis, USA