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Hi! I’m Anil Grover

Anil is an AFMC Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach through The School of Applied Functional Medicine, Massachusetts, and a Certified Health Coach through The Institute of Integrative Nutrition New York. He is additionally a graduate of the Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate through T. Colin Campbell Centre, New York, and has completed the Lifestyle Medicine for Coaches Course from American College of Lifestyle Medicine cum Wellcoaches School of Coaching.

AFMC Practitioner

Anil’s obsession for a proactive, holistic approach to health came out of his experiences with his family’s cancer journey that he now shares with others to educate, inspire and empower them to be the leaders and nurturers of their health and wellness. He’s had the honor of guiding many people out of the haze of sugar addiction, thyroid and hormonal imbalances, digestive distress, excess weight, fatigue, and more, into real freedom, peace, and the kind of health that has them feeling like they have a new lease on life. He focuses on personalized care through plant-based whole foods, targeted nutraceuticals, as well as mind-body practices to help patients along the journey to optimal health and wellness.

What drove Anil to his present obsession with health coaching?

“What drove me to research and study nutrition, coaching, and functional medicine—and to earn my certification as a Functional Medicine Health Coach eventually—was the prevalence of the disease, especially cancer, among my friends and family. As adumbrated above, I’ve experienced firsthand the agony, for both patients and their loved ones, of the terminal stages of cancer that claimed my own mother’s and wife’s life. Beyond cancer, I struggled, for decades, with GI and fibromyalgia issues, the symptoms of which could barely be controlled via conventional practice. It was only via holistic functional medicine that pivoted around radical lifestyle changes that I was able to treat successfully, not only symptoms but, more importantly, causes.

We live in a world of unavoidable toxicity, whether in food, relationships, or the environment, all of which contribute to lives dominated by illness (autoimmune disorders, metabolic syndrome, cancer, etc.). My practice emphasizes prophylaxis: One can and must establish a healthy lifestyle to prevent disease. Indeed, radical lifestyle changes may even reverse and “turn off” the conditions. My goal as a healthcare professional is to educate and guide you to live a healthy life from a holistic, integrative functional perspective. Above all, I aim to empower you to keep yourself healthy and cancer-free or to support you in your fight against the disease. I believe genuine learning happens not in academic, intellectual, and spiritual institutions, but through life experiences. “For me, the real yardstick for achievement is neither awards nor monetary gains but rather how many people’s lives have I improved.”