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What to expect from us as a Functional & Lifestyle Medicine Health Coaching Service?

We utilize Functional Medicine Coaching, a science-based and personalized comprehensive holistic approach. Our goal is to restore health and enhance function, promoting sustained wellness within the realm of coaching. We’re dedicated to aiding you in uncovering your inner interconnectedness and identifying the root causes contributing to dysfunctions and blockages within your body. By supporting you with an improved lifestyle and healthy nutrition, we guide you toward healing. If desired, information on the latest functional Medicine labs and botanical herbs can be provided for you to pursue with your doctor. In essence, your physician tells you what to do, and we guide you on how to do it.

We are not doctors, we do not diagnose or prescribe medicines. Our mission is to educate, inspire, and empower you to activate your innate healing potential. Our approach to health and wellness is holistic, meaning we review with you the interconnections among all aspects of your life. For instance, does stress from your job or relationships lead to overeating? Does inadequate sleep or low energy levels hinder your exercise routine? Collaboratively, we’ll explore how various facets of your life influence your overall health, bridging the gap between your current health status and your desired optimal state. We’re here to help you decipher your body’s unique requirements, establish your roadmap, set goals, define personal objectives, and work towards lasting change. Our focus encompasses all dimensions of your life; overlooking one area while concentrating solely on another can often disrupt harmony and well-being.

Throughout our partnership, you’ll cultivate a deeper understanding of the dietary and lifestyle choices that suit you best. Our approach goes beyond mere fixation on calories, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. We’re committed to crafting a joyful, wholesome lifestyle that offers flexibility, enjoyment, and gratification tailored to you.

What to expect from sessions and packages:

There’s no instant cure-all for every ailment, nor a one-size-fits-all solution for conquering chronic conditions and achieving sustained wellness. Therefore, we advocate sessions of packages A and B together that comprehensively cover all aspects of your lifestyle, ensuring the most enduring results.

Package A

  • Intake cum Review Session of 60 minutes: We’ll review your historical and current health information, along with any lab work you’ve provided. (We will together review your lab work, no interpretation will be provided). If you’re interested, we can furnish details about the most recent functional labs that are available. You and your physician can then decide whether to take advantage of these labs, which could offer a more profound insight into your body’s cellular-level health.”
  • Goal Setting cum Action Plan Session of 60 minutes: Based on the Intake and Review Session, we’ll collaboratively formulate action plans and set goals according to your priorities.

The above two sessions are usually completed within a month. Please note that while the above two sessions entail two hours of discussion together, our total time invested for these two sessions exceeds over six hours.

Package B

To stand by and guide you in your health journey, monthly two sessions of 45 minutes each are offered. These sessions comprise the following topics;

  • Collaborate with you to effectively implement your goals and action plans that were set by you.
  • Delve deeply into the root causes of chronic or inflammatory symptoms within your unique body, enhancing understanding through shared exploration.
  • Explore novel dietary options, that not only best support your body but also augments deficient nutrients.
  • Discuss natural herbs that have the potential to support your healing journey.
  • Provide comprehensive support for your holistic lifestyle, encompassing toxin exposure, physical activity, sleep, and stress reduction through meditation, helping improve relationships, love, and joy.
  • Above all, guide you in the exploration and release of your traumas, if any, trapped emotions, and subconscious beliefs and patterns that currently impede your progress through simple meditation techniques.

For a deeper understanding of our services, fees, and how we can guide you toward your health goals, please reach out for a Free Discovery call. This will provide an opportunity for us to grasp your requirements and elaborate on the ways we can assist you.

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