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Functional Medicine Advance Lab Tests

When your standard serum lab tests are all normal - but you still suffer from symptoms!

When your standard serum lab tests are all normal – but you still keep suffering from symptoms without any resolution. Bloating, acidity, chronic pains, fatigue, rashes, hair loss, insomnia for years without identifying the underlying causes for the symptoms? It’s time to consider looking into advanced testing which we make accessible for all.  

Advanced Functional Medicine testing is often considered the backbone of the Functional Medicine approach. It provides cellular-level insights helping to identify the underlying dysfunction and the root causes of the symptoms. “Testing and not Guessing” often provides better proactive health management.

These tests provide; 

  • Accurate analysis by digging deeper to identify fundamental metabolic imbalances, blockages, and potential root causes for a more precise diagnosis.
  • information on your cellular health functioning by examining urinary and serum metabolites to ascertain your metabolism processes for disEase prevention, resolution, and health optimization.
  • A proactive perspective to life. You already feel good, but want to feel even better maximizing your life’s purpose to its full potential. You aim to Function Optimally, to “Thrive not to Strive.” Then functional tests are specially for you!

We are happy to provide access to some of the best quality functional diagnostic testings at highly affordable prices. We will keep including more tests as and when they become available.

GR-Nutritional Analysis Test

Blood and urine test

Metabolites in your urine and blood samples are the markers of metabolism and act as your health indicators. Metabolites from your carbohydrate metabolism, fatty acid metabolism, vitamin metabolism, muscle catabolism, etc., are deciphered in this test to provide your health status from a deeper level.


Balance Test (OMEGA 6:OMEGA 3)

Easy-to-use dried blood spot self-test

The test measures 11 fatty acids, including saturated, monounsaturated (Omega-9), and polyunsaturated (Omega-6 and Omega-3) fatty acids. It sheds information on inflammation, your Omega-6:3 balance, cell membrane fluidity, and mental health.


Gut Microbiome – Stool Testing for Microbiome DNA Analysis

Stool sample-based test

This microbiome test analyses your complete gut microbiome composition, diversity and abundance, pointing to our Gut health and any disEase susceptibilities. The test is done by very advanced processes to extract and then read and analyze the DNA of the microbiomes from the stool sample.


Hair Mineral & Toxin Analysis

Hair sample-based test

Hair mineral and toxin analysis test is a proven and effective method for diagnosing your health. Based on 29 elements, the results of this test will show imbalances in the body and changes in elements and their interrelationships better than other test methods. For example, blood tests for elements may show a seemingly correct concentration of elements in the blood, but their amount in the body may be insufficient. Elemental hair analysis is different – It shows the actual quantities of the elements in the body, drawing the most indicative picture of their excesses and shortages.


Advanced Functional Blood Testing Packages

Functional blood testing measures and analyzes your overall health status. Many functional markers can point to underlying imbalances and blockages, leading to a future poor health outcome. In addition, the tests can be customized specific to your individual health issues.

Please do not use this information or the tests to diagnose or treat any disEase yourself; always work with your qualified health care provider / Doctor to correctly interpret the results. 

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