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Fermented Cabbage (Sauerkraut)

Prep Time

15 minutes + 2 days

Prep Notes

  • Soak finely chopped cabbage in water
  • Keep a big leaf of cabbage aside


About 500 grams


  • 1 medium size finely chopped cabbage, carrots may be mixed in too.
  • 1 leaf of cabbage
  • 1/2 tbsp sea salt or Himalayan salt


Drain the soaked cabbage in a bowl. With clean hands rub sea salt into the cabbage. Keep rubbing till it gets soggy. Put this into a clean glass jar, press down with a wooden spoon so it tightly fits in. There should be enough water on top (self-generated while rubbing). Cover the top of the chopped cabbage with the cabbage leaf. Cover the jar with a clean piece of cloth and fasten with a rubber band. Leave in a dark corner of your kitchen for 2 – 3 days (keep checking for sourness). Once sour keep in the fridge.


For fermentation it depends on the weather. If the weather is warm it could be ready in a day

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December 4, 2019



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