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Cancer Preventive & Support Therapies

I have personally experienced those excruciating moments when you are waiting for the final results of your dear one’s biopsy results. I have heard those sentences many times, “Oh God…why me? I look and feel healthy. I always ate healthily, was active, and wished all well! With just three words, “You have cancer,” in an instant, your world turns upside down, all your future dreams and plans blow away like smoke. What comes next is even worse, long stressful queues at the oncologist department, being sucked into surgery, chemo, or radiation schedules, as if you have a few hours to live.

In the madness, no one ever explained to you, nor did you have the guts to ask the fundamental questions lurking in your mind:

What exactly is cancer? How and when did it initiate in your body? Are Surgery, chemo, and radiation the only treatments available? What about their debilitating side effects? Are there any other treatments available? Why is cancer still on the rise?

As a researcher, educator, and health coach, I will guide you find the answers to which you have a right to know. Without information and knowledge, one is consumed by fear, which itself is the root cause of stress and compromised immunity. Ignorance is like a boat without a compass lost in the dark on stormy seas. Cancer is not a roll of dice. I shall coach you on epigenetics, nutrigenomics, and psychoneuroimmunology to empower you to manage your health issues confidently.

You need to know;

  • What exactly is cancer in relation to your body’s biochemistry and metabolism?
  • The cause of its initiation and progression.
  • Importance of emotional wellbeing by sustainable stress reduction
  • How to optimize detoxification pathways at cellular levels
  • Optimizing nutrition with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory foods. Supplementing with pure, potent, and chemopreventive botanical extracts.
  • Minimizing oxidative damage to DNA (genes) from endogenous and exogenous toxins and free radicals.
  • To upregulate natural circadian rhythm by following a healthy sleep hygiene
  • Appropriate physical activity for endorphins release to boost feel-good moods and upregulate immunity
  • Retain and maximize adaptive and innate immune responsiveness to fight off the cancer cells and safeguard from secondary infections

Armed with this knowledge, you approach your body’s imbalances and dysfunctions together with your oncologist and family with a more proactive perspective and await the best favorable prognosis.

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