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What Is Functional Medicine Coaching?

Date: 23rd September 2021

Functional Medicine Coaching is a science-based, personalized approach that assesses and heals the underlying causes of illness through individually tailored sessions to restore Health and improve function for sustained wellness.

We assist you to see the inner connectedness and the upstream root causes of the dysfunctions and blockages in your body and guide you through targeted lifestyle cum diet modifications. Our purpose is to educate, motivate, and empower you to activate your inner healing power.

Preeti Ayyappan is a certified Nutrition and Lifestyle Health Coach through The Institute of Integrative Nutrition New York.

Anil Grover is an AFMC Certified Health Practitioner through The School of Applied Functional Medicine, Massachusetts, and a Certified Health Coach through The Institute of Integrative Nutrition New York. He is additionally a graduate of Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate through T. Colin Campbell Centre, New York. He has completed the Lifestyle Medicine for Coaches Course from the American College of Lifestyle Medicine cum Wellcoaches School of Coaching.

Do not deprive yourself of the joys of optimal Health. “Health is your loyal companion; nurture it well today to reap the benefits tomorrow.”

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September 23, 2021


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