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Back To Beginnings 100% Pure and Natural Oregano Essential Oil 15 Ml

100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Oregano (Origanum Vulgare) Essential Oil


  • Ingredients:
    • Extraction Method: Steam distilled from leaves & flowering tops.
    • Aroma: Herbaceous, spicy, warm.
    • Blends Well With: Basil, Cedarwood, Chamomile, Geranium, Rosemary.
  • 15 ml / 0.5 oz

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  • Primary Therapeutic Properties

Natural antibiotic (antiviral, antifungal, antiparasitic, antibacterial), gerd, SIBO, heartburn, antiinflammatory (may help alleviate colitis, rheumatoid arthris), chemopreventive*

  • Recommended Dilution

Dilute: 1% for topical application

  • Suggested Usage

Diffuse for Aromatherapy. For topical use, dilute in an appropriate carrier oil of your preference. Before topical application, it is recommended you perform a small patch test first on an insensitive area like your elbow.

  • Safety

Keep out of reach of children. Do not use internally, unless directed by a health practitioner. If pregnant, nursing, or taking medication, consult a physician. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Do not use undiluted on the skin, mucous membrane, or eyes. Natural essential oils are highly concentrated, hence should be used with care.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Advice: Not to exceed recommended daily usage and not to be used as a substitute for a varied diet.